Whats the upkeep for bmw/mercedes for a teenager?

I’m getting my license in 3 months and am saving up for a car. I’m wondering what would be a safe, reliable, and cute car. I would want something I can be seen in without being embarrassed (:

I would really like a BWM 323i sport or the Mercedes CLK 430. I’ve found both cars ranging in my price range between 4k-10k with a clean carfax history but high highway mileage ranging between 60k-100k+ miles.

My question is what is the upkeep on bmw/mercedes? Also if the car were to break how much more expensive would it be compared to a honda, toyota, or volkswagon?? Thanks in advance (:

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  1. plasma71104 on May 27th, 2011

    Those are nice cars, but can very expensive to repair if anything breaks. 60 to 100K miles is a-lot of miles on those cars. If it only cost $4K then chances are it has problems. A basic oil change cost almost $50 on those things. One little thing breaks it cost almost twice as much to fix compared to a Honda or Toyota. Unless you have to spend on repairs then go with a different brand. Then again it might not give you any trouble. My friend is Mercedes Tech and he tells me how those cars are expensive to fix because of the parts they use on them. A lot people will only keep a Mercedes or BMW until the warranty expires.

  2. Master CYLINDER! on May 27th, 2011

    Parts are going to be more expensive. That’s a given.

    Regular maintenance is a bit more involved. The Germans are notorious for using 3 different sizes and types of fasteners and blind fasteners on any assembly.

    It’s as if they are saying, "Zees iz not your auto. Vee only let you use it. Touching zee verking parts und upgrading zee factory stereo iz verboten!"

    I mean some Mercedes Benzes don’t even have a transmission dipstick. Just the tube with a cap that says MB WORKSHOP ONLY. I find it humorous that Kia owners are smart enough to be able to check their own ATF but Mercedes Benz owners cannot be trusted to do the same.

    Most BMW and Mercedes Benz drivers would agree though that their driving experience in their cars is worth all the extra hassle.

    Both makes of cars can last a very very long time. But if they are neglected they are going to cost a LOT more than a neglected Camry or Accord.

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